In Which A Yeti Is Kick(start)ed

By | Saturday, September 07, 2013 Leave a Comment
Despite not having actually launched a Kickstarter project myself, I've had a few people ask me for my thoughts regarding their projects before they go live. Advice was given (with recommendations of a grain of salt) and now we have the first opportunity to see if I know what I'm talking about as the first of said projects has gone live. The Yeti Press folks came up with a great Kickstarter project and I didn't have much to suggest honestly, but I think an idea or two of mine might have accidentally snuck in.

Regardless, they've turned out some great books in the past couple years and the new ones they've got lined up for this project seem equally cool. Do me a favor and check them out. Oh, and tell them I sent you over -- maybe I can weasel some kind of commission out of RJ!
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