Garage Sale Comics

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I was driving along yesterday and saw someone had posted a "garage sale" sign in their front yard. Nothing unusual there as there are a number of them around here this tine of year. But what struck me was a second sign next to it that simply said "comic books."

Garage sales used to be a decent source for finding old comics. The theoretical box someone found in the attic or the stash that "mom threw out" shortly after you left for college. But the monetary value of comics has gotten enough press over the years that comics aren't just thrown in garage sales any more. They gey taken to comic shops or sold on ebay. On the off chance that they DO show up in a garage sale, they're hugely overpriced because the owner inists that an dog-eared two-year-old copy of Amazing Spider-Man is worth ten bucks because there was a movie about the character around then.

So I didn't hold any high hopes as I stopped in. Turns out the woman's niece just had a baby and the husband needed to get rid of his books because of storage, and maybe get a few bucks for diapers. They had six long boxes of almost exclusively Marvel books from the past 4-5 years. Each one bagged and boarded. A buck a piece.

I thought, "Wow. They're in good condition and priced about what they should be! Who'd have guessed?"

There was very little I actually recognized much less had any interest in but I did pull out ten books that looked like I might've bought were I still reading Marvel. Apparently that's about the same cost as a box of diapers so they were pleased.

But, hey, comic books at a garage sale! Didn't think I'd see that in the 21st century!

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