There's Another Superman Movie Coming Out?

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I am not what you would call a trend-watcher. I'm certainly aware of things as they become popular, and some I manage to catch wind of even before then, but that's more a consequence of keeping abreast of comic news. My primary uses for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, for example, are keeping up with comic creators and publishers. But if something comes up, I'll note it and move on, staying only if there's enough to hold my interest.

Which is why you don't tend to see me throwing out my two cents on whatever the comic-tempest-in-a-teapot du jour is. Paul Jenkins said his piece, which I thought was sufficiently explanatory and hardly surprising, so I moved on. If Rich or Heidi or someone wants more details, that's cool, but I'm more interested in what he's doing next.

I start running into problems, though, when people start asking me to comment on these topics. Whether it's the current thing with Jenkins, or the new Iron Man movie (which I haven't seen), or whatever, they just don't interest me enough to warrant focusing on them. (Most of the time; some popular topics do catch my eye.) Now I can speak to them well enough to not sound like an idiot (usually) but I don't know that I have anything deep or meaningful to add. And I can write to the topics as well, but they tend to require a bit more research than usual becuase... well, you know what the comments sections look like when you get continuity details wrong.

Which leads me to an odd dilemma. The stuff that I'm interested in and want to write/talk about is of little financial value since no one else cares, and the stuff that does interest people and what they're willing to pay for isn't really my baliwick. The idealistic answer would be to be honest and true to myself and let everything else take care of itself. And, in fact, I got an email last night that might help me out in that direction quite a bit.

But in the meantime, I suppose I'm still willing to churn out some more topical pieces that I have only a periphery interest in. They let Tim Burton do stuff like Big Fish in exchange for Planet of the Apes, didn't they?
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