C2E2 Impressions, Whatever Installment This Is

By | Sunday, April 28, 2013 Leave a Comment
Yesterday was a fantastic day. Lots of great panels ranging from the history of comic book censorship to the future of digital and motion comics. I have to say that the panel presentation line-up has been very impressive. I've spent a good deal of the convention so far in the panels and there have been a number I've missed because they overlapped with any number of other great-sounding panels.

I did take some extra time throughout the day to do some catch-up and meeting with various folks in the industry. Some folks were newer to the industry, having recently started a webcomic or printed a new, small print-run book. Others were more established and have some name recognition. I bought a few books, and a number of original pages. (Steve Bryant was selling some of his older Athena Voltaire pages for super-cheap!)

Afterwards, I met up for dinner with a number of other folks, including several that I was meeting for the first time. We had a great time, and that's one of the best things I can point to a successful convention. When people get together and build/develop a community. We were sitting there talking (sometimes comics, sometimes not) and, not only all coming from more or less the same type of place, but circling around the same folks. Some by reputation, but more often people we knew on a personal level. Folks that were part of the same community.

I'm about half-way through day three of the show and C2E2 show has been really good so far. Lots of people and good buys and great panels, but more significantly, meeting up with some fantastic people in the same head space and having a really great time. THAT is why I signed up for in comics fandom!
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