C2E2 Impressions, Day 1, Part 1

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Figured I'd drop a quick post about the happenings at C2E2 (my first time at a Reed-Pop event) so far before the next panel starts.

I actually started last night by meeting up with Brigid Alverson, Noah Berlatsky and Josh Elder for dinner, drinks and general merriment. Probably stayed up way too late but it was great to meet all of them in person for the first time.

This morning, I got to the convention center around 10:30, a half hour before the show started. I picked up my badge and headed upstairs for a ComicsPRO panel. The panelists didn't show, unfortunately (I overheard some of the staff trying to locate them) and I left after a little while. I took the time to actually get a quick scan of the show floor. Even that early, it was pretty crowded. I'll be interested to see what the final attendance numbers look like. Not so crowded that you couldn't move, but not exactly smooth sailing through the aisles either. I was surprised to see so much on the generally pop culture side of things. Lots of Dr. Who and steampunk and ren faire type material. (Not a complaint or judgement, mind you, just an observation. Also, I haven't gotten to Artists' Alley yet to see if that gets balanced out on the comic side a little more.)

After a quick lunch (a pricey but surprisingly good, not-terrible-for-you panini) I caught a panels on visual literacy and online marketing, both of which were very good.

More details later, though! The next panel's starting now!
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