C2E2 Impressions, Day 1, Part 2

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What strikes me about some panels is how much about comics so many people just don't know. I don't expect everyone to be experts across the board in all aspects of comics, but in a con setting, my initial thought is that the attendees aren't just casual fans. And even if their individual focus is Marvel or manga or whatever, they have some familiarity with the various aspects of the creation and distribution process.

In all of the panels I've been in so far, the panelists themselves have been happy and engaging, and had some relevant and useful information. Some of it was new for me, but a good deal of it are things I've known. Color theory or print-on-demand publishing or drawing technologies or whatever. I'm not expert in any of those things, certainly, but I'm knowledgeable enough that I get much of what is said in an hour-long panel-type setting.

But also in each of the panels, I've seen examples of people who are coming to the table with a smaller knowledge-base than I would've expect. I saw a woman taking notes about a "Wakem tablet" (not Wacom), people were asking questions about what Etsy was, and things like that. No judgement against them, but it always surprises me.

Whoops! Next panel is on!
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