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  • Shawn Tonge does a brief compare/contrast piece on two central Michigan comic shops. The easy take-aways from the piece are nothing revolutionary, but there are a few other interesting notes if you read between the lines. Notably what it says that Comics Central is only open for two hours on Wednesdays any more.
  • Rip Jagger looks at the earliest instances of Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters being picked up and used by other creators, most notably under the editorial guidance of E. Nelson Bridwell.
  • V.R. Gallaher takes the announcement of a new Prest/Bright-less Quantum & Woody series to talk about how women and minority creators often wind up as symbols of a creator rather than actual creators.
  • Doc Jenkins calls attention to a Kickstarter project loosely based on African legends, instead of European or Asian ones that permeate pop culture. While the specific project is an animation (not comics) project, the creators started first with a graphic novel series called Project 0.
  • Doc Jenkins also presents video of a recent Carol Tyler talk at USC, an overview of Will Brooker's My So-Called Secret Identity and a shout-out to the Infinite Earths blog.
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