The Fall Of The House Of Kleefeld

By | Friday, March 22, 2013 1 comment
The famed Casa de Kleefeld no longer exists! Once the bastion of all great things about comics, the building is now a mere shell. A hollow reminder of what once was considered...

Ah, skip it! I moved. I officially completely the sale of my house this morning, and am now driving to my temporary home in the suburbs of Chicago.

"Temporary home?"

Well, yes. The S.O. and I are looking for a house to call our own, but haven't found anything suitable yet. So I'm renting an over-priced place for the short-term while I pay extra to keep all of my stuff is in storage. Hopefully, this situation won't last long.

(On the plus side, this does put me in the kind of cool place of not owing any debt whatsoever to anyone right now!)

Fortunately, the way things are set up, I won't be moving all my stuff twice, just myself, The Dog and some clothes. So once the S.O. and I land on someplace awesome, getting set up there shouldn't be overly difficult. I hope.

In the meantime, since I'm in the Chicago area full-time now, that should mean I'll be able to be a more active participant in the Chicago comics scene.

So that (and a week or so of being sick) has kept me pretty busy lately, and hopefully that will start to be rectified fairly soon.
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Ethan said...

Congrats, Sean!