I'm Too Tired To Think Of A Clever Title Links

By | Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Leave a Comment
  • Thomas Schultz recently saved $30 Million of abstract expressionist paintings of Arthur Pinajian from the dumpster. Pinajian was a Golden Age comic book artist who created characters such as Madame Fatal and the Invisible Hood for Quality Comics. This article about the find incorrectly notes that he worked for Marvel in the 1930s; he did not in fact work for Atlas/Marvel until the 1950s.
  • A quick shout-out to the good folks over at TwoMorrows who have a neat-sounding crossover book coming out in two weeks called Plugged In! It features a bunch of information and stories from comic book professionals who spent some time working in the video game industry. You might not realize how many have done so, and the list of folks in the book includes the likes of Elliot S! Maggin, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chris Bachalo, Mike Deodato, Zander Cannon and Rick Remender.
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