Not-Quite-As-August Links

By | Wednesday, August 08, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • Evidently, Virgina Commonwealth University has digital copies of all of Will Eisner's work for PS Magazine freely available online. Actually, every one of his issues in their entirety, so you can check out his spot illustrations as well as the comics. I did not know this existed, and could've used some of those scans a week ago.
  • The University of Chicago has begun posting full videos from their Comics Philosophy & Practice conference from back in May. They seem to be posting them in order, and only have the first two online so far, but I believe all of the presentations except for Ben Katchor's will eventually be available. Well worth the time sitting through them all.
  • Since I seem to be a bit light on links this week, I'll throw out these two Kickstarter projects I'm supporting: Mars: Daedalus Two and The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl.
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