Kirby's Characters

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Just to point out how prolific he was, here's a list of some of the characters and creations attributed to Jack Kirby. It's mostly taken from these two lists, plus a handful of additions I noticed weren't in either. I'm confident this is nowhere near complete -- it doesn't even take into account characters he created for animation studios -- that's how awesome Jack Kirby was.

Abner Little
2-D Men (Dimension of Doom)
500' Tall Humanoid (Humanoids)
Abominable Snowman
Abraham Erskine
Absorbatron (Leader's weapon)
Absorbing Man
Abu Dakir (Mogul ally)
Acrobat (Human Torch foe)
Adam Warlock
Adams, Cynthia (encountered Creature from Planet X)
Adora (Comicsville character)
Agatha Harkness
Agent Axis
Agent L (HYDRA defector)
Agnar the Fierce (Asgardian)
Agron (Captain America foe)
Air-Cars (Yashonka tech)
Airjet-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle)
Alibar (Mogul, Thor character)
Alicia Masters
alien champion (Marvel monster)
Alien Scout (Marvel monster)
Alpha Primitive
Amanda ?? (encountered Cyclops (monster), pre-FF)
Amphibian Androids (Synthoids)
Amphibion (Hulk foe)
Anderson, Dave (Hulk character)
Android Man (Thing foe)
Anelle (Hulkling's mother, Avengers/Fantastic Four character)
Anne ?? (encountered Roc)
Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing (used to combat cosmic Dr. Doom)
Aquaticans (Dr. Druid/Droom foe)
Archeopian (xt, Thor characters)
Ardina of Earth-7888
Ares (Marvel Comics)
Arishem the Judge
armed carts (Yashonka tech)
Arnim Zola
Arrkam, King (Hulk foe)
Artemis (Marvel Comics)
Arthur (Hulk robot creator)
Astor, Ken (General Argyle Fist agent)
Athena (Marvel Comics)
Atlas (DC Comics)
Atomic Changer (Kiber's Guards weapon)
Atomic Space-Displacer (Fantastic Four device)
Attuma (Namor foe)
Auto-Boxers (Eternals toy)
Autocron (alien race, Machine Man/Quasar/Avengers foes)
Avengers (comics)
Avril, Sally (Spider-Man character)
Awesome Android
Balder (comics)
Baldini (Exiles)
Barnes, Bucky imposter (WW2, Midge)
Baron Strucker
Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo (Heinrich, 12th Baron Zemo)
Baron Zemo imposter (Franz Gruber)
Barracuda (Captain Barracuda)
Barton, Sally (Brute That Walks' lover)
Bat, The (Rawhide Kid foe)
Bates, Barney (cab driver)
Bates, Marina (Captain America character)
Bates, Mr. (Ra the Avenger victim)
Batroc the Leaper
Baxter, Mr. (Gigantus foe)
Baxu (Iron Man foe)
Beast (X-Men)
Beautiful Dreamer
Beaver Division (HYDRA)
Beehive (Enclave)
Beeper Dogs (Yashonka tech)
Benedict, Luther (Marvel horror)
Benson, Anne (Bruttu's lover)
Bentley (Simon Drudd's partner)
Bentley, Charles (X, the Thing That Lived creator)
Bentley, Edward (Scorpion foe)
Bernard the Poet (X-Men character)
Betatron Bomb (HYDRA weapon)
Betty Ross
Big Barda
Big Bear
Big Masai (Silver Star character)
Big Rock (Maggia, Fantastic Four foe)
Biggs (Captain America character)
Bill ?? (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)
Black Bolt
Black Musketeers (Black Panther characters)
Black Musketeers (comics)
Black Panther (comics)
Black Racer (DC Comics)
Black Talon (WW2, Captain America foe)
Black Talon's gang (Captain America foes)
Black Toad (World War II era, Captain America)
Blake, Joe (Wyatt Earp ally)
Blips (Electrical beings)
Blob (comics)
Bolivar Trask
Bombu (pre-FF monster)
Boomerang (comics)
Boothroyd (S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons supplier)
Bor (Marvel Comics)
Borers (Negative Zone)
Boss Barker (Fantastic Four foe, Skrulls of Kral)
Boswell (Daredevil foe)
Boy Commandos
Brainosaur (Tony Stark invention)
Brenner, Wolfgang (Red Skull's servant)
Bri Berkley
Broadhurst, Dr. Oliver (roboticist)
Brogin, Bull (Terrible Trio)
Brok the Crusher (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)
Brona (Enchanters)
Brooklyn Badgers (Black Toad)
Brother Dickens (Night People)
Brother Harmony (Night People)
Brother Inquisitor (Night People)
Brother Joshua (Miracle Man)
Brother Peach Pie (Night People)
Brother Powerful (Night People)
Brother Tode
Brother Wonderful (Night People)
Brotherhood of Hades (Machine Man foes)
Brotherhood of Mutants
Brown-Back of Earth-78411 (Dinosaur World, Devil Dinosaur character)
Brown, Mary (encountered "Thing from the Hidden Swamp")
Bruno Mannheim
Brute That Walks (giant monster)
Bruttu (giant monster)
Bull (Captain America foe)
Bullet-Proof Man (Rawhide Kid foe)
Buri (Tiwaz)
Burner (comics)
Burner (Crucible, Mutant Force/Resistants member)
Butterfly (Captain America foe, WWII era)
C.I.A. Agents of Earth-7888
Cabbie (Fantastic Four character)
Cadavus, Franz (Exiles)
Camel Division (HYDRA)
Captain (Stone Men)
Captain 3-D
Captain America
Captain America imposter (Acrobat)
Captain America imposter (WW2, Duffer)
Captain America imposters (would-be fill-ins)
Captain Barracuda (Human Torch foe)
Captain from Texas (Old West hero, Captain America variant)
Captain Glory
Captain Kane (captured Experiment 247)
Captain Victory
Captive (Epsiloni)
Carter, John (Torr foe)
Carter, Professor (enemy of Krang)
Cartwright, John (Titan foe)
Cartwright, Victor (Dragoom foe)
Cartwright, Victor (Lizard Men foe)
cat-man (slave of Skrulls of Kral)
Cerberus (hellhound)
Challengers of the Unknown
Charles Xavier's Explorer Wheelchair (tank-tread wheelchair)
Charlie ?? (Fantastic Four character)
Charlie ?? (Gigantus foe)
Charlie ?? (Unus foe)
Chester Phillips
Cho ?? (Hu Sak's brother)
Chuda (Replicus creator)
Citadel of Science (Enclave)
Clayton, Adam (Strange Tales)
Coal Tiger
Coaxer (SHIELD technology)
Cohen, Isadore "Izzy" (Howling Commandos member)
Collectors/Council of Antiquarians (Black Panther characters)
Colonel Kuro Chin (SHIELD)
Colossus (super-computer)
Comicsville (2001 location)
Commander Hartnell (encountered Titano)
Commander Troga (Hunters of the Captive)
Comrade X (Ant-Man foe)
Conrad, Lewis (Taboo foe)
Contemplator (Elder of the Universe)
Conversion Chamber (Kiber's converter)
Cooper, Dan (Keeper foe)
Cooper, Fred (Lizard Men foe)
Corporation (Captain America foes)
Cosgrove of Earth-7888
Cosmic Power Siphon Harness (device of Dr. Doom)
Count Bornag Royale (SHIELD foe)
Count Tagar (New Men/New Immortals)
Craddock, H. Warren imposter (Skrull)
Crazy Quilt
Creature from Krangro (alien invader)
Creature from Planet X (Strange Worlds monster)
Creatures From Kosmos (Kosmosians)
Creatures from Krogarr (Tales to Astonish)
Crusaders (Marvel Comics)
Crusher (Hades, Thor#130)
Crypto-Man (Thor foe)
Crystal (comics)
Cummings, Diane (It's Amazing Crew, It the Living Colossus character)
Cummings, John (Dimension of Doom)
Curtiss, Lance (1960s sci-fi character)
Cyclops (X-Men)
Cyclops (Fantastic Four foe)
Cyclops (Tales of Suspense monster)
Dabney Donovan
Dalton, Amanda (18th century witch)
Dame Kackle (Golden Age, Defender foe)
Dan Turpin
Dancer, Ben (Two-Gun Kid's mentor)
Dane, Elias (horror character)
Danger Room
Darius Drumm (Silver Star foe)
Davis, Rocky (Yellow Claw foe)
Dawes, Harry (encountered Stone Men)
Death Master (Comicsville villain)
Deep Six (DC Comics)
Delphan Brothers
Demon (Thor foe)
Demon-Riders (Mogul, Thor characters)
Dempsey (High Evolutionary's first New Man)
Destroyer (Human Torch foe)
Destroyer Duck
Destructon (Captain America foe)
Deviant (comics)
Devil Dinosaur
Diablo (Fantastic Four foe)
Diablo (smoke creature, fifth dimension)
Dimension of Doom
Dimension Z (home of Living Eraser)
Dingbats of Danger Street
Dino Manelli
Dionysus (Marvel Comics)
Disintegrator (Blue City on the Moon)
disintegrator (King Solomon’s tomb)
Doctor Bedlam
Doctor Doom
Doctor Faustus (comics)
Doctor Murrow of Earth-1228 (Fantastic Four foe)
Doctor Parker (pre-FF scientist)
Domo (comics)
Doolittle, Abner (Captain America foe)
Doombots (Servo-Guard)
Dorrek VII (Skrull emperor, Avengers/Fantastic Four foe)
Doughboy (comics)
Dr. Doom's Killer Robots (Fantastic Four foes)
Dr. Grimm (WW2, Captain America foe)
Dr. Shrinker (Iron Man foe)
Dr. Steiner (operated Black Talon, WW2)
Dr. Strange (Iron Man foe)
Dr. Svenson (doctor, Avengers ally)
Dragon Man
Dragoom (pre-FF monster)
Dreaming Celestial
Dredmund Druid (Captain America/Nick Fury foe)
Dredmund the Druid
Drenkov, Igor (Hulk foe)
Drom the Spirit-Weaver (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)
Dromedan (Eternals foe)
Drudd, Simon (pre-FF scientist)
Druig (Eternals foe)
Dum Dum Dugan
Duncan ?? (encountered Cyclops (monster), pre-FF)
Earth-1228 (Earth-The Original Marvel Bullpen Had Become the Fantastic Four)
Earth-7888 (Earth-M/Earth-Moebius) , Doc Savage & Snood
Edna McCoy
Eev of Earth-78411 (Devil Dinosaur/Moonboy ally)
Egghead (Ant-Man/Avengers/Defenders foe)
Ego the Living Planet
Electronic Mask (Fixer invention)
Electronic Mass Influencer (Xavier's device)
Elektro (giant robot)
Emotion Charger (used to disrupt Reed and Sue's wedding)
Encephalo-Gun (Fantastic Four item)
Enchanters (Thor foes)
Enclave (Fantastic Four foes)
Energy Globes (Kiber's life energy converters)
Epiderm-Mask (HYDRA technology)
Epsiloni (alien race)
Erskine, Abraham (Captain America character, Operation: Rebirth) - by G Morrow
Eson the Searcher
Eternals (comics)
Etrigan the Demon
Evans, Leslie (Groot foe)
Evelyn ?? (18th century, jealous of a witch)
Evil Eye (energy weapon)
Executioner (Thor foe-- no, not that one)
Exiles (Captain America foes)
Experiment 247 (giant turtle)
Experiment XYZ (giant turtle)
Fafnir of Nastrond (Thor foe)
Falcon Division (HYDRA)
False Face (fictional character) - by David Lawrence
Fantasti-Copter (seldom-used FF vehicle)
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four of Earth-1228
Fantastic-Kids (young Fantastic Four fans)
Faraday, Mark (encountered Monstro)
Farnsworth, Lucius (horror character)
Farrington, Leslie (executive, Imperial Industries International)
Female Furies
Fenris Wolf (Asgardian monster)
Fenris Wolf (Marvel Comics)
Fields, Jerry (Franklin's son)
Fields, Judge Franklin (Machine Man ally)
Fields, Olivia (Franklin's daughter)
Fifth Dimension (home dimension of Xemu)
Fighting American
Fin Fang Foom
Fireproof Natives (Human Torch foes)
Fiske, Wilbur (1950s mutate)
Fixer (comics)
Flame Chariot (King Solomon’s Tomb)
Flec, Andreas (Chamber of Darkness character)
Florus Homo (World War 2, Vision (Aarkus) foe)
Fly (Archie Comics)
Flying Fortress (Dr. Doom's ship)
Followers (annoying devices of Dr. Doom)
Forager (comics)
Forever People
Forgotten One (Gilgamesh, Avengers member)
Forsung (Enchanters)
Fox (Human Torch foe)
Fox Division (HYDRA)
Fox, John (xd, 2000 AD prisoner)
Franklin Richards
Franklin Storm
Franklin, Buck (Destroyer host, Thor foe)
Fredricks, Lt. General (X-Men/Fantastic Four character)
Frightful Four
Funky Flashman
Fury, Nick LMDs (all of the pesky imitators!)
Gabe Jones
Galactus of Earth-7888 , Doc Savage & Snood
Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates (cosmic re-creations)
Galp of the Steel Arm (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)
Gammenon the Gatherer
Gargantus (Iron Man foe)
Gargoyle (comics)
Garm (Galactic Bounty Hunters)
Garret Berkley
Gates, "Gunner" (Captain America foe)
General Argyle Fist (Defenders/Captain America character)
General Ching (Exiles)
General Chou (Yashonka)
General Fang (Hulk foe)
General Manor (WW2, Red Skull victim)
General Wo (Captain America foe)
Giant (Devil Dinosaur foe)
Giganto (Atlantean monster)
Giganto (Fantastic Four/Avengers foe)
Gigantus (Marvel monster)
Gimlet (Maggia, Fantastic Four foe)
Global Peace Agency
Globe of Ultimate Knowledge (Hulk/Uatu/Spider-Man stories)
Gloria ?? (encountered Trull the Unhuman)
Glorious Godfrey
Golden Angel (wrestler, Thing foe)
Golden Bull (ancient artifact, Thor/Daredevil stories)
Goliath (Gigantus)
Gomdulla (pre-FF monster)
Googam (Goom's son)
Goom (Tales of Suspense)
Gor-Kill (Marvel Monster, Tales of Suspense)
Gorgon (Inhuman)
Gorlion (Dr. Druid foe)
Gorro (Dr. Grimm experiment)
Grabber (Dr. Doom's device)
Graham, Dr. (Thor ally)
Granny Gardenia (Thor character)
Granny Goodness
Green Thing (Marvel monster)
Green Thing's creator
Gregory Gideon
Grey Gargoyle
Grogg (Marvel monster)
Grottu (monster)
Growing Man (Avengers foe)
Gruber (Journey into Mystery)
Grubnik, Hans (Gor-Kill foe)
Grumm, Boris (encountered Sazzik the Sorcerer)
Gruning, Eric (Exiles)
Gruto (pre-FF monster)
Guardian (DC Comics)
Guardian Robots (Servo-Guard)
Guerilla fighters (led by Hu Sak, Thor foes)
Gullin (Boar-god)
Gyro-Cruiser (Wakandan vehicle)
Hag of the Pits of Dinosaur World (Devil Dinosaur/Godzilla ally)
Haines, Dr. William (Machine Man co-creator)
Haines, Lou (Golden Age, Captain America foe)
Hamilton, Jerome (Enclave)
Hammer-Hand Androids (Synthoids)
Hangman (Captain America villain)
Hanson, Bart (encountered Trull the Unhuman)
Hanson, Joe (Creature from Krogarr foe)
Happy Sam Sawyer
Hargen the Measurer
Hargrove, Lewis (Red's brother)
Hargrove, Red (Nick Fury's best friend)
Harper, Dan (Pandora foe)
Harper, Diane (robot, Eric Krugg foe)
Harper, Joe (Xemnu the Titan foe)
Harris, Sam (pre-FF character)
Harrison, Edward (Conspiracy)
Hartnell, David (Stonians foe)
Hatch-22 (Six-Million Year Man)
Hate-Monger (Hitler clone-dealy-o)
Hauptmann, Gustav (Fantastic Four character)
Hawley, Evelyn (Pamela's mother)
Hawley, Pamela (Nick Fury lover)
Hawley, Peter (Pamela's father)
Heat-Image Tracer (Fantastic Four device)
Heimdall (Marvel Comics)
Heinz Kruger
Hela (Marvel Comics)
Helen ?? (Thorg foe)
Hellcat (Defenders member)
Henry Pym
Hephaestus (Marvel Comics)
Hera (Marvel Comics)
Hercules (Marvel Comics)
Herman ?? (one of Nick Scarpa’s men)
Hermes (Marvel Comics)
High Evolutionary
High Priest (encountered Gomdulla)
Hijacker (Ant-Man foe)
Hippolyta (Olympian goddess)
Hiram Girk (creator of Paratron)
Ho Yinsen
Hodges (Imperial Industries International)
Hover-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle)
Howling Commandos (World War II ranger squadron)
Hu Sak (Thor foe)
Hulk (comics)
Hulk Hogan (Two-Gun kid foe)
Hulk robot (Eternals, Thing/She-Hulk foe)
Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
Human Torch (Sol Brodsky) of Earth-1228
Human Torch duplicate (Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates)
Hunter (HYDRA weapon)
Hunter, John (pre-FF character)
Hydra-Piller (HYDRA tanks)
Hydra-Ram (HYDRA/S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle)
Hypno-Creature (Dimension of Doom)
Hypno-Fish (Atlantean fish)
Hypno-Gun (Maximus weapon)
I.B.P. (S.H.I.E.L.D. jet)
Iceberg Rocket (used against Hulk)
Iceman (comics)
Idunn (Asgardian goddess)
Idunn (comics)
Igan (patient/henchman of Dr. Grimm)
Ignatius, Paul (Avengers character)
Igron (Thor foe)
Image Projector (Avengers device)
Imperial Hydra
Impossible Man
Indestructible (Thor foe)
Infant Terrible (Fantastic Four foe)
Inferno-42 (A.I.M. weapon)
Infra-Red Machine (Strange Tales)
Inter-Continental Phone Hook-Up (Nick Fury device)
Invincible Man (Fantastic Four foe)
Invisible Girl (Florence Steinberg) of Earth-1228
Invisible Woman
Iron Hand Hauptmann (Exiles)
Iron Man
Ishanta (Black Musketeers)
Isle of Silence (Loki's sometime-base) & Proto-Man
It! The Living Colossus
Itobo, Joshua (Black Musketeers)
Ivan (Fantastic Four foe)
Jakarra (Black Panther foe)
Jane Foster
Jean Grey
Jed Walker
Jemiah the Analyzer
Jinku (Lava Men)
Jinni Devil (Mogul, Thor character)
Jiru (Black Panther character)
Joe ?? (Fantastic Four character)
Joe ?? (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)
John ?? (encountered Roc)
Johnson, Frank (Zzutak creator/foe)
Johnson's monster (Zzutak foe)
Jones, Ricardo (Thing imposter)
Jordan (1960s ghost hunter)
Juggernaut (comics)
Jungle Action
Junior Juniper
Juniper, Jonathan "Junior" (Howling Commandos)
Kaa (Warlord Kaa, monster)
Kai-Mak (Vision (Aarkus) foe)
Kala (comics)
Kallusians (xt, Avengers foes)
Kane, Roderick of "Earth-62192" (would-be conqueror from the 51st century)
Kang the Conqueror
Kanto (comics)
Karnak (comics)
Kartu Kon (Astonishing character, alien)
Keeper (A.I.M., Cosmic Cube)
Keewazi Indians (Native American tribe)
Keibler Circus (circus, one-time home of the Hulk)
Keller, Dr. Martin (Gordon Sanders victim)
Kemperer Family of Earth-7888
Kenojuak, Aningan (Avengers character)
Khanata (Black Musketeers)
Khor (Vision (Aarkus) foe)
Kiber Island
Kiber the Cruel
Kiber's Guards (drones, Black Panther foes)
Kiber's prisoners
Kid Slugg
Kim ?? (Hu Sak's sister)
King Solomon’s Frog (time machine)
King Solomon’s Tomb
King Vladimir (predecessor of Dr. Doom)
Kingo Sunen
Klarion the Witch Boy
Klaw (Master of Sound, Black Panther/Avengers/Fantastic Four etc. foe)
Kligger (Corporation)
Knorda (Thor/Avengers/Fantastic Four character)
Knorda of Earth-1000
Knorda of Earth-8921
Kobra (comics)
Konrad Zaxon (Hulk foe)
Kosmosians (aliens)
Kozlov, Miklos (Grogg foe)
Kraa (Marvel monster)
Kragg, General (Machine Man friend/foe)
Krang (giant ant)
Krask, Kronin (Thor foe)
Kreig, James (Fantastic Four character)
Kringe (Brotherhood of Hades)
Kro (comics)
Kronans (Thor foes)
Krowe, Kharion (Yellow Claw servant)
Kruger, Heinz (Captain America foe)
Krugg, Eric (Journey into Mystery, robot creator)
Krumhauen, Luther (Journey into Mystery)
Krushki (Exiles)
Kuhn (Journey into Mystery)
Kurrgo (Fantastic Four foe)
Kurrgo's Robot
Lamp of Alaeddin (Alibar)
Land Crusher of Reality-78411 ("Sky Demons" weapon)
Langley, Billy (Mark's son)
Langley, Helen (Mark's wife)
Langley, Mark (Tales of Suspense)
Laufey (comics)
Laura ?? (encountered Gruto)
Lederer, Horst (Red Skull's servant)
Lenny ?? (Captain America foe, WWII era)
Leopard Division (HYDRA)
Lifter (Meteorite, Mutant Force/Resistants member)
Lindstrom of Earth-7888
Lindstrom, Professor (Yellow Claw character)
Linus ?? (Thorg foe)
Lippy Louie (Skrulls of Kral)
List of New Gods
Lithodia Rexians (pre-FF aliens)
Live Wire (Marvel Comics)
Living Eraser (Giant-Man foe)
Living Rock (Lava Men weapon)
Living Shadow (Warlord Kaa)
Living Talisman (Enchanters)
Living Totem (Rawhide Kid foe)
Lizard Men (Deviants, Monster Hunter foes)
Lizard Men of Tok (Microverse)
Llhupa (Golden Age, Vision foe)
Lo-Karr (pre-FF monster)
Lomm (Dr. Grimm's assistant)
Long-Legs (Devil Dinosaur foe)
Lord Ha-Ha (Howling Commandos foe)
Lord of Death (Captain America foe)
Lucas, Cyril (Captain America foe)
Lucas, Willie (Captain America character)
Lucifer (X-Men/Captain America/Iron Man foe)
Ludwig ?? (Krang foe)
Lurking Unknown (Fear-Lords)
Ma Slugg
Machine Man
Mad Thinker
Madame X (Comrade X)
Madbomb (Royalist Forces' weapon)
Magneto (pre-Fantastic Four character)
Magnir (Enchanters)
Magno-Man (slave of Skrulls of Kral)
Maha Yogi
Mainframe (Galactic Bounty Hunters)
Major Croy (WW2, Red Skull victim)
Major Douglas (WW2, Red Skull victim)
Major Uberhart (Nazi, Red Skull agent)
Male Model of Earth-7888 (Silver Surfer)
Mallon, "Crow" (Rawhide Kid foe)
Man-Fish (Captain America foe)
Man-Thing (Captain America foe)
Manelli, Dino (Howling Commandos member)
Manor, Mildred (General Manor's wife)
Mantis (DC Comics)
Maria ?? (Hulk character)
Marie (Andreas Flec's manikin)
Mark Moonrider
Marshall, Paul (pre-FF monster)
Marshall, Victor (Marvel monster hero)
Martian Who Stole A City (Tales of Suspense)
Martian Who Walks Among Us (Strange Tales)
Martin, "Machine Gun" (role model of Skrulls of Kral)
Mason, Jake (Bombu foe)
Master of Guile of Earth-7888
Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde)
Masters of Evil (Heinrich Zemo's)
Matter Mobilizer (device of Uatu)
Maulers (rival squad of the Howling Commandos)
Maxie ?? (Unus' trainer)
Maximus (comics)
McGiveney, Sgt. Bull (Maulers leader)
Mean Machine (Ten-For)
Mechanical Gladiator (Hulk foe)
Mechano-Monster (Kronans robot)
Medusa (Inhumans)
Medusa D'Bari (Avengers foe)
Metallo (horror character)
Midnight Monster (Journey into Mystery)
Miller, Dr. Bradford (Silver Star character)
Miller, Nan (encountered Don Russell)
Miller, Steve (Nan's husband)
Mind Master (Brotherhood of Hades)
Miracle Man
Mister Fantastic
Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle (Shilo Norman)
Mister One & Mister Two (Captain America characters)
Mitchell, Dan (encountered Gruto)
Mogul of the Mystic Mountain (Thor foe)
Mole Division (HYDRA)
Mole Man
Molecule Man
Molten Man-Thing (Fantastic Four foe)
Molto (Lava Man)
Mongu (Hulk foe)
Monk (WW2, Black Talon's gang)
Monocle (Fantastic Four/Spider-Man foe)
Monster (At My Window) (pre-FF monster)
Monster (Escapes) (pre-FF alien)
Monster (pre-FF monster)
Monster from the Lost Lagoon (Fantastic Four/Power Pack character)
Monster in the Iron Mask (alien villain)
Monster in the Iron Mask (Pre-FF monster)
monster robot (Yashonka tech)
Monster That Walked Like A Man (Gigantus)
Monsteroso (micro-monster)
Monsteroso (monster)
Monsters of Zero Street (Night People foes)
Monstro (pre-FF monster)
Monstrom (swamp monster)
Moomba (monster)
Moon Tractor (Tony Stark invention)
Morgaine le Fey (DC Comics)
Morgan Edge
Morgan, Philip
Morgan's Monster (Strange Tales)
Morlak, Maris (Enclave)
Morrison, Henry (encountered Kartu Kon)
Mourner, Silas (Council of Antiquarians)
Mr. Fantastic (Stan Lee) of Earth-1228
Mr. Fantastic duplicate (Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates)
Mr. Hotline (Brotherhood of Hades)
Mr. Scarlet
Munch, Heinrich (Thing Called IT creator/host)
Murder Machine (Fantastic Four foe)
Mutant Force (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants/Resistants members)
Mutate leader
Mutates of "Earth-69362" (Thor foes)
Mutaurus (Mogul, Thor character)
Mystic Mogul (Mogul)
N'Gassi (Black Panther)
Napoleon G. Robberson (Skrulls of Kral)
Nazi Sleepers 1-3 (original Sleepers)
Necrophone (Victor von Doom invention)
Nega-Man (Janus)
Neuron-Magnet (used against Hulk)
Neutralizer (Tony Sark invention)
New Gods
Newsboy Legion
Nezarr the Calculator
Nick Fury
Night Flyer (Captain America foe)
Night People (Captain America foes/allies)
Norma Richmond (Silver Star character)
North, Dr. John (Kronin Krask foe)
Norton McCoy
Nuclear Measuring Device (Mr. Fantastic invention)
Octo-Monster (Lizard Men)
Octo-Sapien (Hulk foe)
Odin (comics)
Ogar (guardian of King Solomon’s Tomb)
Ogur (Mogul, Thor character)
Olympians (Marvel Comics)
OMAC (Buddy Blank)
Omar (Sando's partner, Captain America/Bucky foe)
Omni-Bots (Servo-Guard)
One Above All
Oneg the Prober
Oog (pre-FF monster)
Operation: Artificial Powers (Fantastic Four power sims)
Orikal (Thor character)
Orion (comics)
Orion Missile (invented by Bruce Banner)
Orrgo (Defenders foe, pre-Marvel monster)
Other Earth (Fantastic Four story)
Overkill Horn (SHIELD/Hydra weapon)
Owl Division (HYDRA)
P184 (alternate future spacecraft)
Pacifier (Dr. Doom's robot)
Pacion Rex (Gruto's homeworld)
Painter of a Thousand Perils (Human Torch foe)
Pan (Olympian god)
Pandora (greek myth)
Paratron (Machine Man foe)
Parker, Mr. (Ra the Avenger victim)
Paul ?? (encountered Gomdulla)
Pearla (Fantastic Four character)
Peeper (Occult, Mutant Force/Resistants member)
Phantom Hound of Cardiff Moor (Golden Age, Captain America foe)
Phil ?? (encountered Trull the Unhuman)
Phillips, Harry (Terrible Trio)
Phineas (ruler of the Fifth Dimension)
Phobos (Galactic Bounty Hunters)
Phosgene gas capsules (Yashonka tech)
Pigman, Nigel (Council of Antiquarians)
Pinky Pinkerton
Pluto (Marvel Comics)
Poker Face (1950s alien)
Poole, Wilbur (creator of Elektro)
Portable Distorters (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology)
Power Broker
Power Drill (Red Skull weapon)
Prester John (Fantastic Four character) - by Per Degaton, Snood
Prime Computer of Earth-78411 (Devil Dinosaur/Moonboy foe)
primitoid (slave of Skrulls of Kral)
Princess Adora (Comicsville character)
Princess Zanda (Black Panther character)
Professor (toymaker, Fantastic Four character)
Professor Briggs (old friend of Dr. Parker)
Professor X
Project: Vanish (military weapon, World War 2)
prospecting equipment
Protector (Ant-Man foe)
Punisher (Galactus agent)
Punisher (Galactus)
Puppet Master
Q-Bomb (Wizard's weapon)
Queely, Alfred (Council of Antiquarians)
Quicksilver (comics)
Quon (xt, Monster from the Lost Lagoon)
Ra the Avenger (Captain America foe)
Radar Crab (Fixer invention)
Radioactive Man
Ralston, Robert "Reb" (Howling Commandos member)
Rama-Tut (Nathaniel Richards, Immortus aspect)
Ramsey, Paul (Torr foe)
Randall Darby
Ransak the Reject
Rawhide Kid
Rawlings, Cedric (Captain America foe)
Rawlings, Celia (Cedric's sister)
Rebel Ralston
Red Ghost
Red Skull
Red Skull (George Maxon, Captain America foe)
Red Wolf (Apache brave, Rawhide Kid foe)
Redmond, John (18th century, loved a witch)
Reds who imprisoned Thor (Thor foes)
Reducta-Craft (Fantastic Four vehicle)
Replicus (Thor foe)
Restora-Tank (SHIELD technology)
Rhino Division (HYDRA)
Rhino Tank (HYDRA vehicle)
Rhinogron (slave of Skrulls of Kral)
Rick Jones (comics)
Riggley, Bernard (Black Toad)
Robot X (Amazing Adventures/Doc Samson character)
robots (servants of Robot X)
Roc (pre-FF monster)
Rocco (Fantastic Four foe)
Rodgers, Paul (Scorpion foe)
Rogers, Steve LMD (Captain America foe)
Romita, Johnny of Earth-1228 (Fantastic Four character)
Rommbu (pre-FF monster)
Ronan the Accuser
Rorgg (King of the Spider Men)
Rose Berkley
Rrorgo (alternate future xt race)
Ruby of the Nile (found by Ra the Avenger, Captain America story)
Ruka (Devil Dinosaur foe)
Ruler of Earth (Pre-Marvel sci-fi character)
Russell, Don (xt conqueror)
Rusty (Hulk robot creator)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop (front for headquarters)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Wedge (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology)
Saguta (Mogul)
Sam ?? (S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop)
Sanders, Gordon (Golden Age, Vision foe)
Sandman (DC Comics)
Sandman (Journey into Mystery)
Sando (World War II, Captain America/Bucky foe) - by David Lawrence
Sandu (Thor foe)
Satan's Eggs (Dredmund's combat vehicles)
Sawyer, Samuel (General, commanding officer of the Howling Commandos)
Sazzik the Sorcerer (15th century sorcerer)
Scarlet Beetle (Ant-Man foe)
Scarlet Witch
Scarpa, Nick (Black Panther foe)
Scavenger (Mad Thinker's Monster Android)
Scorpion (Marvel Comics)
Scorpion (pre-FF monster)
Sea Dragon Division (HYDRA)
Section Leader B (HYDRA)
Section Leader B's replacement (HYDRA)
Seeker (comics)
Seeker (Inhumans foe)
Seidring (Thor foe)
Sentry (Kree)
Sentry #459 (Kree robot)
Servo-Guards (Dr. Doom's robot servants)
Servo-Units (Servo-Guards)
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos
Shadow Men/Soldiers/Warriors (Shadow Realm, agents of Warlord Kaa)
Shadow Realm (Shadowverse, alien dimension)
Shagg (Journey into Mystery)
Shalla Bal of Earth-7888
Sharon Carter
Shellshock (Thing foe)
Shezada (Mogul's sister)
Shinski, Wladyslav (Enclave)
Shocker (Mutant Force/Resistants member)
Sif (comics)
Sigmar (Marvel Comics)
Silent Fox (Keewazi chief, Wyatt Wingfoot's grandfather)
Silent Ones (Trolls of the Isle of Silence)
Silver Star
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer of Earth-7888
Sir Porga (New Men)
Sister Gladiola (Night People)
Sister Sweet (Night People)
Six Million Year Man (Black Panther foe) - by Omar Karindu
Skagg (Storm Giant)
Skateboard Unit (HYDRA Tigers)
Skoll (Wolf god)
Skrull slave-master (Skrulls of Kral)
Skrulls of Earth-1228 (Fantastic Four foes)
Skrulls of Kral (Fantastic Four characters)
Sky Demons of Reality-78411 (Devil Dinosaur/Moonboy foes)
Sky Masters
Slagg (Daredevil/Ka-Zar foe)
slaves of the Skrullls of Kral
Slim (S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop)
Slither (comics)
Slither (Mutant Force/Fangs/Serpent Society member)
Slug (Golden Age, Red Skull henchman)
Slugger Sykes (Thor foe)
Smith, Tom (Teen Brigade, Rick Jones foe)
Sniper (Captain America foe)
Solar Guns (Yashonka tech)
Sonic Disruptor (Skrulls of Kral)
Sonny Sumo
Sorcerer (Human Torch foe)
Space Phantom
Spade, Mr. (associate of the "Professor")
Spider (WW2, Black Talon's gang)
Spliny (Fantastic Four character)
Sporr (pre-FF monster)
Spot (Zetora foe)
Sprite (Eternal)
Static Distorter (Fixer invention)
Steel, David (Vision (Aarkus) character)
Steppenwolf (comics)
Stimulator (Fantastic Four device)
Stone Men (pre-FF aliens)
Stone Men From Saturn (Kronans)
Stone-Hand of Earth-78411 (Dinosaur World) (Devil Dinosaur/Moonboy ally)
Stonewell, George (Howling Commandos, replacement member)
Stonians (Gorgolla's race)
Stranger (comics)
Strangler Burns (hand given to Black Talon, WW2)
Street Punks of Earth-7888
Sub-Atronic Time Displacer (device of Uatu)
Sub-Mariner of Earth-1228 (Fantastic Four character)
Sulibeg (servant of Mogul)
Sunday Punch Missile (used against Hulk)
Super-Adaptoid (Captain America/Avengers foe) - by SQUEAK
Super-Synthoids (AIM Synthoids)
Supremacy (king of Dimension Z)
Surtur (Marvel Comics)
Swarmers of Earth-78411 (Dinosaur World, Devil Dinosaur foes)
Swine (Captain America foe)
Synthoids (AIM creations)
Taboo (Marvel monster)
Tagar (Count Tagar)
Tartarus (realm of Pluto)
Taurey, William (Royalist Forces)
Taxtor (slave of Skrulls of Kral)
Taylor, Frank (alien champion foe)
Tefral the Surveyor
Temujai (Yellow Claw weapon)
Ten-For (Machine Man foe)
Terrible Trio (Fantastic Four foes)
Thatcher, "Thug" (Thor foe)
Theos (Fifth Dimension)
thermal bombs (Yashonka tech)
Thermal Man (Thor foe)
Thing (Ben Grimm)
Thing (Jack Kirby) of Earth-1228
Thing Called IT (pre-FF monster)
Thing duplicate (Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates)
Thing from the Hidden Swamp (Kirby monster)
Thing robot (Operaton: Artificial Powers)
Things in the Box (Pandora's servants)
Thor (Marvel Comics)
Thorg (pre-FF monster)
Thought Projector Helmet (Mr. Fantastic invention)
Thru-the-Ground Tank (Fixer/Mentallo weapon)
Thunderbolt Ross
Tiger Division (HYDRA)
Tigra (DC Comics)
Time Reversal Ray (Mr. Hyde's device) & John Kaminski
Time-Warp Traveller (Comicsville device)
Titan (Avengers foe)
Titano (pre-FF monster)
Toad (comics)
Tomazooma (robot, Fantastic Four foe)
Tomb of the Pharao (Ra the Avenger, Captain America story)
Tommy ?? (Fantastic Four fan)
Top Man (Maggia, Fantastic Four foe)
Torgo (Fantastic Four, Hulk, and Wolverine character)
Torr (Marvel monster)
Tower of Death of Earth-78411 (Dinosaur World, Swarmers)
Transfer Grid
Transistorized Detector (Fantastic Four device)
Tri-di-roentgen hand-gun (SHIELD technology)
Tricephalous (Fantastic Four foe)
Triton (Inhuman)
Trull the Unhuman (pre-FF alien)
Tumbler (John Keane, Captain America foe)
Tutinax (Eternals foe)
Two-Gun Kid
Tyr (Galactic Bounty Hunters)
Tyr of the Burning Blade (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)
U-Car (underwater FF vehicle)
Ufo (Yellow Claw character)
Ufo's Flying Saucer
Ultra-Sonic Radio Transmitter (Fantastic Four device)
Ulvar (Gigantus "foe")
Unknown (Lurking Unknown)
Unus the Untouchable
Urrpo-Fish (Poppupian fish)
Valeria (princess of Fifth Dimension)
Valley of Diamonds (Mole Man's kingdom)
Van Doom, Ludwig
Van Doom's Monster (Marvel monster)
Vandergill, Vincent (Imperial Industries International)
Veda (Corporation)
Venusian (Strange Tales)
Vira (Queen of the Deviants)
Virman Vundabar
Vision (Timely Comics)
Volla (comics)
von Doom, Werner (Dr. Doom's father)
Von Vile, Wilhelm (Painter of a Thousand Perils)
Vortex Bomb (Hydra weapon)
Wade, Barnaby (Yellow Claw character)
Wanderer (Prester John)
Warlord Kaa (monster)
Warlord Morrat (Fantastic Four foe)
Warner, Tracy (Machine Man ally)
Warren Worthington III
Warren, John (Zetora foe)
Warrior Guardians (guarded King Solomon’s Tomb)
Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies (Thor foes)
Warriors Three
Wasp (Avengers)
Wazir (Asgard, Thor character)
Weems, Wilbur (encountered a ghost)
Wentworth, Charles J. (Robot X foe, Martian invader)
White Zero (Comicsville hero)
White-Hair of Earth-78411 (Devil Dinosarur ally)
Wild Bill (S.H.I.E.L.D. robot)
Wilkes, Jonathan (Robot X creator)
Williams, Warden (Fantastic Four character)
Willie ?? (Teen Brigade)
Willie Lumpkin
Wilson (Imperial Industries International)
Wizard (Marvel Comics)
Wolfe, Hedy (Hellcat character)
Woman of Earth-7888
Wonder Man
Wrecker (Fantastic Four foe)
Wrecker (Thor foe)
Wrecker's Robot
Wyatt Wingfoot
X, the Thing That Lived (Marvel Monster)
Xantha (xt race, Fantastic Four characters)
Xemnu the Titan (Kirby monster, Hulk/She-Hulk foe)
Xemu (Human Torch foe)
Xom (Atlas era alien)
Yagg the Slayer (Thor foe)
Yancy Street Gang
Yashonka (Captain America foes)
Yellow-Crested Titans (Olympian creatures)
Yeti (Inhumans, First Line)
Yirbek (xt, Skrull allies)
Ymir (Marvel Comics)
Yogi Dakor (Terrible Trio)
Yucoya-Tzin (Zzutak controller)
Z-Ray (Yashonka tech)
Z-Rays (Cedric Rawlings' radiation)
Zamora, Darius (Journey into Mystery)
Zamu (Dr. Druid foe)
Zanadu/Zandu/Xandu (the Mystic Mountain)
Zarkorr (pre-Marvel Tales of Suspense character)
Zelda ?? (Iceman girlfriend)
Zemo, Heinrich (12th Baron Zemo)
Zemo's pilot (Zemo imposter)
Zero Street (home of Night People)
Zetora (pre-FF Martian)
Zeus (Marvel Comics)
Ziran the Tester
zombies (created by Lord of Death)
Zorr (Fantastic Four character)
Zota, Carlo (Enclave)
Zuni (Black Musketeers)
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Wow, I knew he created a lot of characters, but seeing this list makes his accomplishments even more awe-inspiring.

There were gaggles of useful, fun, interesting, sturdy, and powerful concepts in the King.