Last Links O' August

By | Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • Charles Hatfield has posted information about his upcoming English 333 class ("Comics and Graphic Novels") for California State University, Northridge. Even if you're not taking the class, there's lots to be learned just from going through the class materials.
  • Over at the Daily Nebraskan, Bea Huff starts her new column relaying a little of how comic book superheroes have inspired her to be better than she is.
  • The Chicago Sun-Times has a review of With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story. From the sounds of things, the review itself mentions Jack Kirby more frequently than the documentary itself does.
  • Next year, FantaCon returns to Albany, NY. Details on the site are slim -- virtually nil, in fact -- but a note on their Facebook page claims to have several guests lined up already.
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