Three Weeks Since A Mash-up!

By | Friday, January 27, 2012 Leave a Comment
It's been nearly three weeks since I've done a mash-up, so I'm allowed one tonight, right? How about if I make one a little extra interesting? Text from today's Garfield, art from today's...

Bad Machinery


Cool Jerk

Your "little extra" can be that I did three instead of my usual two, or that I made a couple of slight alterations to Paul Horn's art so that Paul Stanley makes an appearance. (I told you it was only a little extra.)

Actually, I did the art tweaks mainly because the lack of any real dialogue in Garfield today meant that these make almost no sense. By adding "The Starchild" makeup and the sign of the horns, the dialogue makes at least vaguely a kind of sense. I considered also doing a version with today's Garfield Minus Garfield but that seemed a little too self-referential.
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