The Flame #1

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I just found that Farrell produced a comic called The Flame in 1954-55. This seems to be wholly unrelated to the more famous version published by Fox in the early 1940s. Not only are his costume and secret identity different, but this Flame does not need a flame gun, but can shoot blasts directly from his fingertips. Although in the one issue I've read, the only time he even does that is on the initial splash page which doesn't really take place in the story. He certainly doesn't have the panache of the Will Eisner/Lou Fine version that was more recently used in Project: Superpowers!

Technically, as noted in the indicia, it picked up the numbering from Lone Eagle so the first issue is actually listed as #5. But the second and third issues are simply called #2 and #3 (though none have issue numbers on the cover anyway). Also, interestingly, #3 was the first to sport the then-new Comic Code Authority seal, but it was also the last issue of the series.

Here's issue five/one, so you can check it out for yourself...
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