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By | Wednesday, January 18, 2012 1 comment
  • Harris O'Malley has a good piece on Nerds and Male Privilege. Judging by the comments, some of you may be sick of seeing these types of articles but, frankly, until things actually get better, we continue to need precisely these types of articles so the issue doesn't get swept under the rug. Also, don't read the comments.
  • Noturno Sukhoi has put together a downloadable pattern to make your own Weapon-X Wolverine.
  • Daily News & Analysis has this short article on the increasing popularity of old Indian comic book characters.
  • So, Google Correlate. Kind of difficult to figure out what the hell it is/does. Fortunately, they've provide a short webcomic by Manu Cornet to explain it.
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Ethan said...

That 'Nerds and Male Privilege' article was really good, even if we all knew it already. I generally understood that comic shops harbored the 'boy's club' mentality, but coming from NYC, I didn't witness it as blatantly and ridiculously as others have. (For example, most of the big shops in NYC staff lots of girls) I had no idea that female gamers received sexual threats during online gaming (I only knew of male gamers who got called 'faggot'), that is just sickening.