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  • Though he posted this a few months ago, I just came across this check (at right) that Tom Orzechowski was issued from Marvel back in 1990. Note the amount the check is made out for. He relays the story behind this odd check over on Facebook.
  • Neil Cohn points to several studies that track eye movements as people read comics. The various findings seem fairly obvious upon reflection, but it's great to see science backing this up.
  • Bobby Timony presents his pitch for a proposed Wonder Twins project. I believe he has the permissions set to "Public" but it might still require you to log in to Google.
  • I'm not sure if this circulated around before when it was first uploaded, but here's Wally Wood's "22 Frames That Always Work" as a live action video...
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Bobby Timony said...

Thanks for the shout out!