'Twas The Links Before Christmas

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That should probably be 'Twere, but it doesn't recall Clement Clarke Moore's very directly then. Also, if you're keeping score, I do celebrate Christmas despite being an atheist; it's a secular holiday with traditions based on a variety of pagan winter festivals. You mean to tell me that you seriously think those consumerist assholes yelling at you because you took "their" parking spot in front of Target are celebrating the birth of Jesus? People don't get depressed in the winter because of the darkness, people get depressed because everyone else starts act like total dickheads and it's evident that the "goodwill towards men" stuff is a bunch of bullshit. But I digress...
  • Will Brooker points me to Anita Sarkeesian's YouTube channel in which she discusses various facets of feminism in popular culture. She does a good job of pointing out issues of gender inequality in a simple and straight-forward manner. Some of those issues are obvious, some not so much. Though she covers all forms of media, she includes comics fairly regularly as well.
  • Matt Kuhns wonders why Jim Davis evidently wants to keep Garfield firmly rooted in 1986. I noticed the curious anachronism myself, but I chalked it up to the autopilot Matt dismisses.
  • Over at The Japan Times, they note the publication of Aftershock and Spirit of Hope both of whose proceeds going towards relief efforts for the disasters in Tohoku and Christchurch earlier this year.
  • Stuart Immonen alerts us to this video interview with Stan Lee from around 1970. (His wife Joan is the one hanging around in the background.) It's in Italian so I can't understand a word of it, but it sure looks and sounds like a hoot!
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