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Let's do another "What's Sean Working On" post.
  • The Webcomic Beacon Newscast
    Most recently, I was a guest on the Webcomic Newscast of the Webcomic Beacon podcast. I joined Thom Revor, Eric Kimball and Alex Heberling to talk about some of the news in the world of webcomics. I had a good time, and I don't think I sounded like too much of an idiot, despite it being my first podcast. (Obviously, though, I'm biased. Also, I haven't listened to the final version.) Anyway, go take a listen. Some good discussion.
  • The Drawn Word
    Christopher Irving is starting up a new magazine about comics. According to the press release, "My biggest goal with Drawn Word is to elevate writing about comics, packaging it as a magazine that reaches out to everyone from new to old readers, and features a variety of editorial and creative voices." I'll be one of the contributors, looking at (primarily) European comic creators you may have heard of but don't know much about. Also on board are Matt Murray (The World of Smurfs), Jared Gniewek (Scary-Oke) and Kurt Christenson (Power Play). The first issue is due out in early 2012.
  • The Jack Kirby Collector
    I've still got my "Incidental Iconography" column going, but the next issue is a special Fantastic Four themed one written entirely by Mark Alexander. ("Why isn't the world' biggest FF fan contributing to a special FF issue?" I don't know either.) But I will be back for TJCK #59 in early 2012.
  • MTV Geek
    My "Kleefeld on Webcomics" column is still going strong. I'm particularly happy with my column from last week in which I interviewed Rina Piccolo. (Yes, she does webcomics, too!)
  • Harry Blackstone, The Comic Book Magician Detective
    I'm still working on my next book, but I have to admit it's been a little slow going lately. I was initially hoping to have it January or February, but some of the art is requiring more touch-ups than I anticipated, so it might be a bit later than that.
  • Kleefeld on Comics
    Oh, you hadn't noticed that I'm still blogging away?
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