Christmas Goodies

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I'm not in it for the presents, of course, but it's always cool when relatives get you gifts that speak to your interests. Here's a photo of the comics-related gifts I received this year....
The Classics Illustrated and Mad weren't Christmas gifts per se, but my great aunt apparently found them buried in the attic somewhere and passed them along. They're in pretty poor condition, but appear to still be complete, so they'll make some good reading copies.

Comics Between the Panels appears to be autographed. I can't quite make out the signature, though. It looks kind of like "BW Ward" but Bill Ward had been dead for six years based on the date with the inscription, and it doesn't look much like his signature anyway. I'll need to do some more investigating on that.

The monster art in the background is the original splash page artwork from Ravage 2099 #28. It's framed with a copy of the issue and a small plaque. The matte has a little water damage, so I'll have to replace that; hopefully, it hasn't gotten to the art itself.

The series of keychains depict a dozen Tintin covers, with one more based off the new movie. There's also a few collected editions, and a number of Marvel Minimates.

It was good to see the family over the past couple of days, and I got a chance to meet up with an old friend of mine for lunch today. That was really the best part of my holiday, but the gifts are pretty cool, too.
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