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It's time for another edition of "What Sean's Up To"...

Ethan Young Interview
At Comic-Con International, Hermes Press announced that they'll be doing a printed version of Ethan Young's Tails webcomic. I scored an exclusive interview about this with Young, which has just gone up over at MTV Geek. My first CCI exclusive, and I wasn't even on that coast!

Jack Kirby Collector
Debuted at Comic-Con: Jack Kirby Collector #57 with my "Incidental Iconography" column featuring Prester John. Some interesting leads I tracked down for that one! You can download a preview or order a print copy here.

Team Cul de Sac Fanzine
I've mentioned before how I contributed a piece in support of Richard Thompson and Parkinson’s research. (I talk about a classic New Mutants issue by Chris Claremont.) Now it's available for purchase online. Forty pages for $5 with a cool cover by Thompson himself. Head on over to the Team Cul de Sac blog to purchase your copy. It's a really great 'zine and I had a blast reading through all the pieces!

Wizard World Chicago
The S.O. and I have tentative plans to hit WWC on Saturday, August 13. We'll probably mostly just be wandering around, so look for The Hat if you're there. Ping me before-hand if you want to try to get together.

EBSCO Publishing Graphic Novel Encyclopedia
Salem Press actually got folded into its larger EBSCO parent company in the tail end of June. They're still going ahead with their Graphic Novel Encyclopedia, though, and I just wrapped up my contributions this week. I don't know yet if the structural change in the business will have an impact on the book's release date.

mysterious webcomic
I'm sure there's always a new webcomic in the works somewhere. But one of them looks to be one that I'll actually be contributing to. We haven't really gotten into discussing details yet, but there's some talented folks who've at least expressed initial interest. I'll post more as we get things solidified, but it ought to be interesting to say the least!

my next book
I mentioned back in June the idea of working on a book about comic book retailing's history. After talking with Robert Beerbohm, though, it sounded like his book and mine would have had a lot of overlap, so I'm not going to try to compete with him. But I do have another book idea that will be as equally unpopular as Comic Book Fanthropology but shouldn't require quite as much work on my part. I don't want to say too much yet, as I'm just starting my research, but it should have some cross-hobbyist appeal for both comic book fans and magicians.

MTV Geek
I'm still going strong with my regular Kleefeld on Webcomics column. Recent topics have included real retcons, historical fiction set in the 1700s, group webcomics and getting your questions answered from the webcomic creators themselves.
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Matt K said...

Way to go, man. You're a regular cottage industry.

Also: "...another book idea that will be as equally unpopular..."

Now that's salesmanship. :-)

My editor at MTV claims that I bring class to the site. Not sure where she got that idea, though!

As for salesmanship, I will fully admit to be a lousy salesman. I'd much rather tell people the truth.