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  • The French website madmoiZelle recently conducted an interview with Jimmy Beaulieu about his new graphic novel, Comédie sentimentale pornographique. This Google translation of the page is pretty legible for non-French-speakers.
  • Matt Kuhns thinks the "Fear Itself" teaser image has bad typography. I can't disagree.
  • Ken Quattro examines in detail the FBI's investigations into whether or not comic publisher Lev Gleason was a Communist.
  • Comic Book Art Show will open with a reception on Friday, August 5. It will feature the work of Colin Panetta (who did the cover of my book), Mark Velard and Hans Rickheit (who I interviewed for MTV). Wish I could make it!
  • Gary Brown of the Patriot Ledger still thinks comic books are stupid because he saw an ad for one about Martha Stewart. Granted, Bluewater's biographic comics aren't all that well crafted and would serve as a poor example of what's possible, but he didn't even bother to look at the book itself. Comics are permanently etched in his mind as insipid pap about guys who wear their underwear over their pants. Jackass.
  • Finally, Matt Wayne posts the Dwayne McDuffie tribute that did NOT see print. You may have seen links to it from other places, but it's really worth reading. McDuffie's wife called it "perfect" and it says A LOT about the comics industry.
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