Early-ish Wednesday Links

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  • The Tellers of Weird Tales blog recently ran a four-part series reprinting a letter from James O. Causey dating from sometime in the early 1980s. The letter was in response to a request from Randal Everts concerning Causey's career. Of interest to comic fans is that Causey's letter also talks quite a bit about his long-time friend Bill Blackbeard! Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four.
  • If the caption on this image is accurate, the true superheroes of SDCC were these two folks cosplaying as the Flash and Wonder Woman. And it doesn't hurt that they both have excellent costumes. (Say, can we identify these two people? Seriously, they really should get some honest kudos for what they did to help that kid.)
  • Michael Sangiacomo notes that the Siegel and Shuster Society is petitioning to get a set of official Ohio license plates available emblazoned with the classic Superman "S" shield and the tag line: "Ohio -- Birthplace of Superman." I notice however that there's no mention of the possible trademark infringement by using the insignia without DC's permission.
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