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By | Wednesday, June 01, 2011 1 comment
  • Beginning tomorrow, Campbell River Art Gallery in Canada will be hosting a month-long series of classes on "Illustrating for Comic Books and Storyboards" aimed at students ages 12-17. Peter Davies will be the instructor.
  • At The Brick Theatre in Brooklyn, NY on June 3, 5 and 12: Reporter Girl: The Story of Dale Messick. The play by Laura Rohrman and directed by Erica Gould is about the woman who created Brenda Starr.
  • BusinessWeek thinks comics should embrace iOS subscriptions. No new arguments there, really, but it's interesting that the article is for BusinessWeek.
  • F.O.O.K. Matt Khuns points me to this article citing how some idiot drove his car through the fence of Joe Shuster's family home, causing a few thousand dollars worth of damage.
  • Are we sick of mainstream articles like this one praising Naif Al-Mutawa's The 99? No, we are not.
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Matt K said...

Do note that the actual house the Schusters occupied has been gone for years; in this case it was a commemorative fence lining the property which was damaged. I think the house currently standing at Parkwood and Amor avoided any vehicular damage. (Hopefully!)