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Loads of links this week...
  • Daniel Peretti is writing a book about Superman, and he's using a blog format to collect various thoughts and links as he's working on it. Last week, he posted some thoughts on Smallville which I find interesting as they seem to reflect much of the same thinking I had. That somebody else has similar thoughts doesn't surprise me, but we hit the same point from very different perspectives: he as a big Superman fan who's very familiar with the show, and me as not much of Superman fan and have never seen a single episode of Smallville.
  • Charles Hatfield talks about pirate comics! Well, he couches it in a review of Walker Bean but... PIRATE COMICS!
  • TwoMorrows now has PDF previews online for the upcoming Alter Ego #102 and Back Issue #49. Both are due out in mid-June.
  • After a half-year hiatus, Jim Shelly returns to his Flashback blog. If nothing else, we can appreciate the latest DC news for encouraging him to jump back into the thick of things!
  • Milestone Comics didn't fail, comics failed Milestone. Excellent look at the Milestone legacy.
  • David O'Connell (of Tozo fame) is launching a comic anthology in the fall called ink+PAPER. I'm eager to see what he does with it.
  • Looking backward, Matt Kuhns pulls out his aborted attempt at creating an unofficial epilogue for Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. I don't know the property other than by reputation, but I think it's an interesting look at developing comics out of passion. Creating something largely for the sake of creating something to satisfy only some personal internal desire. And once that itch is scratched, how a project's impetus can fade.
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