Green Lantern Credits

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I went ahead and saw Green Lantern this afternoon. (Using a leftover free ticket I had for Thor, a twist which amuses me a bit.) I'll skip a review other than to say I didn't think it was very well written.

So then the movie ends and the credits start rolling. They go through the big name folks, do a short (predictable) epilogue and then start scrolling the full cast and crew credits. Now me? I'm the type of guy who actually reads movie credits. Not so much for the names -- obviously, I've never even heard of the vast majority of those people -- but for the titles and roles. Were there more make-up people or CGI animators? Were the set designs done by one person or several? That type of thing. Kind of mini-analysis of how they made the movie.

You know whose names I didn't see in the credits anywhere? Nowhere did they mention Bill Finger and Marty Nodell (who created the original Green Lantern) or John Broome and Gil Kane (who created the Hal Jordan version). Granted, DC never made contractual credit obligations with those guys the same way Bob Kane got out of the company, but it would've been a nice courtesy.

Like the way Steve Ditko got credited in the Spider-Man movies. Or Larry Lieber in Thor.

OK, we all know about how creators got so royally shafted back in the day with regards to creator rights and such. Nothing new or unexpected there, really. But what irked me was that they gave credit for the poster of The Man Who Fell To Earth.

They gave CREDIT for the POSTER of another MOVIE.

I'm presuming this is the poster in question -- I certainly don't recall seeing it at any point. I suppose it was in the background of Jordan's apartment? Maybe in that bar? But this poster gets more billing than the guys who created the characters.

You know, I don't honestly expect DC or Warners to be good, honorable companies who stand up for the little guy, but wow. Talk about a smack in the face to the people who actually made the whole movie possible in the first place!
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