Time For Wednesday Links

By | Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Leave a Comment
  • Here's a nice piece on Fred Patten, the "world's oldest living otaku." Indeed, he's been otaku since before there was such a thing as otaku! (At least, as we know the term.)
  • Maggie Thompson points out the numerous comic book connections, particularly involving Captain Marvel, in the 1950 film The Good Humor Man. These types of connections always fascinate me.
  • Speaking of the Big Red Cheese, Keith Howell suggests that, since DC is rebooting its whole line anyway, they should revive Roy Thomas' decades-old idea of making Captain Marvel an African-American. I think the character has been removed enough from the height of his popularity that few people will really object; that it's an idea from fanboys Thomas and Jerry Ordway also gives it some legitimacy to the fans.
  • And lastly, here's a trailer for Jim Ottaviani's upcoming book, Feynman, due out in August from First Second.
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