Graphic Spider-Man Timeline

By | Friday, February 13, 2009 1 comment
My graphic designer buddy Matt Kuhns and I occasionally chat on the subject of "make your own (free) fun" -- basically, the notion that you can have fun in creating fan-based projects for your own amusement. That anyone else sees them is immaterial; the idea is that your enjoyment comes through the creation process.

Along those lines, Matt decided to try to put together a graphic timeline of Spider-Man comic book titles. In his own words, "I did this timeline of Spider-Man comics mostly because I started thinking about all of the different launches and relaunches one day, and it began to seem like an intriguing information design problem."

While he didn't include every Spider-Man title ever published, he's hit all of the most significant ones, I believe, and the result is an interesting look at Spider-Man's publishing history...
Like any chart or graph, you're free to draw your own observations and conclusions.
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Anonymous said...

Much like blogs, and online comics, the Spider-Man timeline was a means of having some comic book related fun, without opening up the wallet. :)

One of the things I'm happy about, with this timeline, is how information emerges visually. You can see how the Spider-Man line (of ongoing series, at any rate) grew and shrank over the years. You can see how, in recent years, the non-canon Spider-Man series have grown and grown and grown.

Also, FWIW, in choosing "milestone events" to include, it was a bit difficult... I would have included, say, the death of Aunt May, Peter & MJ's marraige, perhaps the deaths of one or more Green Goblins...

Except... well... I'm guessing that most people reading this can see the issue. :)