Superheroes I Kinda Dug As A Kid Because They Looked Cool, Part 4

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I admit it. I liked Robin's costume. Old school with the short pants and everything.

I think it has mostly to do with the color scheme again. The proportions of red, green, yellow and black all seem to work well together. I do like the 1990's costume update with the green leggings and yellow/black cape as well, but the original draw for the character was the old outfit.

I have to say that I actually did like the short cape and flared bootlets. It definitely gave the impression of a child/elf with a flair for the dramatic and acrobatic. The collar around the cape was a nice touch, I always thought. He looked like a circus performer having fun.

The circle-R chest emblem was different than most heroes by being offset to one side. Further emphasized by the yellow-on-black colors which is the most visually contrasting combination. I suspect I also found it much easier to draw than Superman's "S" or even Batman's bat-symbol. My parents recently uncovered a drawing I did of Robin when I was three or four years old -- it looks like it was done by a child, of course, but it had all the elements that defined Robin visually, including the lacing up the front of his shirt. (Interestingly, while I managed to get those types of details in place, I still only gave him three fingers on each hand.)

I liked the outfit well enough that it was the one superhero costume I was able to convince my mother to make for me. Oh, I had a Superman cape and a Batman cape. But Mom made me an entire Robin costume that I ran around in quite a bit before I outgrew it.
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