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By | Thursday, February 05, 2009 1 comment
Just thought I'd take a few moments to note some cool comic-related blogs that have started kind of recently in case you haven't seen them yet...

Funny Book Fanatic -- Dave Olbrich is probably best known in comic circles for having founded Malibu Comics, and had a helping hand in Image, Gorilla and Bravura. His blog doesn't touch on current issues much, but he's providing some wonderful behind-the-scenes stories from his early days in the comic industry.

Hooray for Wally Wood -- Not surprisingly, a blog devoted to the life and work of Wallace Wood. I've been reading a biography of the man lately, and I've always thought his art was gorgeous. Worth swinging by just for the art.

Lagrange Points -- The blog of comic creator/publisher Jim Ottaviani. He's one of the few guys doing non-fiction graphic novels these days, and he's doing a damn fine job at them. The man knows a thing of two about science and story-telling!

Gurr Illustration -- That said, Eugene Byrne and Simon Gurr recently release Darwin: A Graphic Bipgraphy. Which I learned about through Simon's blog.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

thanks for mentioning Darwin A Graphic Biography on your blog. The book is now available, totally free, in Darwin-related cities and regions around the UK. More details on my website.

Best wishes,