Dave McKean's Keanoshow

By | Sunday, August 03, 2008 1 comment
Am I the only one who gets frustrated learning about comic-related news from sources that typically don't focus on comic-related news? I think it stems from the implication that comic news sources (all of them, mind you; I 'm not singling anyone out) aren't really on the ball, and that other outlets can do a better job covering these types of stories, even though they're not actively paying attention to the industry. It also suggests that the comic industry is WAAAAY to insular and self-referential.

The other explanation -- that it WAS reported on and I just totally missed it -- is less damning to the industry, but no less frustrating for me.

Anyway, Cory Doctorow notes that artist Dave McKean has a new DVD of short films out called Keanoshow.
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