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By | Tuesday, June 24, 2008 2 comments
You might notice there are two updates to my sidebar here, one more obvious than the other.

First, you'll probably see some odd graphic of a camel-shaped balloon. It's a promo for the first internet balloon race, in which I'm participating. I'm not sure how it will work, but it was free and kind of sounded like fun. Feel free to cheer me on!

Further down the page, you might notice that I've replaced my "Periodicals I'm Getting..." with "Comics I'm Reading..." The difference might not seem apparent at first, but you might notice that all the comics I've listed there are linked to the actual comic online. And indeed, none of the ones listed are NOT linked. The reason, not surprisingly, is that financial constraints mean that I've dropped ALL of my comic book purchasing for the time being. This marks the first time since I first began buying comics decades ago that I'm not actively getting ANY pamphlet books on a regular basis. (Yes, the economy sucks that much!)

But I am still reading and, fortunately, the internet provides any number of comics with which I can spend my leisure time. Many of them fall under the newspaper-comic-strip-that-also-happens-to-be-published-online category, but I expect that I'll be adding more action and drama comics to this list as I become more aware of them. It ought to be an interesting experiment to see just how much I end up reading, and how rewarding an experience switching entirely to online comics compared to staying with their pulped wood counterparts.

Rest assured, I'll be blogging about what I find online just as I was blogging about what I'd find in my LCS.
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michael said...

May I suggest three comics to add to your reading list.
"Little Dog Lost" syndicated comic strip at
"Girl Genius" at
Variety of comic books including "Roswell,Texas" at

Thanks for reminding me about Girl Genius. I'd taken to reading it as it came out in TPB, but I can switch over to the online format easily enough.