Exercise For Comic Book Guy

By | Wednesday, June 18, 2008 Leave a Comment
I spent most of my evening moving furniture around in the basement to accommodate the collection of comics I'm getting from Dad. I'm not done yet, but I think it's at least to a point where I can see what it'll look like when I am finished.

But all the heavy lifting I was doing tonight reminded me of a quick conversation I had with Dad when he dropped off a few long boxes last weekend. He was pulling the boxes out of his car, trying to manage things so he wouldn't have to completely pull everything out to get at them. He'd eventually get one box, ease himself out of the car with it, and set it on the ground... only to repeat the procedure for each box. After getting the last one out, he asked, "Now how do you suppose guys do this when they take 100 boxes to sell at a convention?"

"Pretty much just like that. Except maybe they have a truck or a van."

"Wow." (dramatic pause) "You'd think they'd all be in better shape then, wouldn't you?"

Which is an excellent point. How come hauling all those boxes around doesn't keep these guys fit? You take 50 or 100 boxes to show, you've got to put them in your vehicle, take them out, haul them across the convention floor, set them up, tear them down, haul them across the convention floor, load them back into your ride, take them out, and then place them back in your store wherever they're supposed to go! Doing all that is going to expend a LOT of energy. You'd think ever retailer who did conventions would look like Lou Ferrigno!

Then again, a diet consisting entirely of Taco Bell probably doesn't help matters!
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