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By | Wednesday, June 04, 2008 1 comment
I expect a lot of people, on seeing Newsarama's recent redesign will be unhappy. Humans have a somewhat natural resistance to change, and anything new and different -- regardless of actual improvements -- tends to be viewed negatively. A quick perusal on my part suggests that it does look to be more efficiently designed, and probably a lot easier to maintain. But let me quote a small section of their "What's New" announcement to show why I'm going to be that much less inclined to visit...
And now we’re expanding to cover all the other cool Sci Fi, action and fantasy movies/TV shows we love.

You know, I'd actually been kicking around some sort of post here discussing how many of the larger comics news outlets have been becoming more general entertainment outlets, no longer targeting comic book fans, but rather the broader sci-fi/comics/gaming/action figures/it's-hip-to-be-square aspects of geekery. One can hardly blame them, as there's certainly more eyeballs (i.e. revenue) to be had with a larger target demographic but, as a news outlet, they're speaking less and less to me, who cares naught for movies and TV and video games and such.

Not that this change is particularly significant for me. I've read one, maybe two articles a week on Newsarama for quite some time now. By contrast, Journalista and The Comics Reporter (and, by extension, the numerous sites the frequently link to) have become my primary sources for comic related news that I actually care about.

Oh, I'll still be subscribing to some of Newsarama's RSS feeds, but for someone who actually likes the medium of comic books, they just dropped a few notches on my what-order-I-check-my-online-news-sources list.
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Anonymous said...

Hm. On the one hand, the design makes me feel like I've been redirected to On the other hand, the content (Kung-Fu Panda as featured item) doesn't really suggest and strong comics connection, at all. Hm. :)