Trophy Room

By | Monday, September 10, 2007 2 comments
You know, I was just thinking about the pretty decent array of comic book related "props" that are on the market. Green Lantern's power battery, Batman's utility belt, Cyclops' visor, that kind of thing. I was just wondering if anyone has amassed a decent enough collection and built a good display for all them so as to look something like a trophy room. Maybe someone who's into superhero movies and collects props?

It's not something I'd have enough interest in doing myself, but I'd be curious to see someone else put such a collection together.

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Anonymous said...

I have Cap's shield, pictured above, hanging on the wall with Nick Fury's Needle Gun on a shelf next to it. I wouldn't call it a trophy room, but I like it.

All I have is the shield, in terms of comic book stuff. I have an old school Trek tricorder and klingon distruptor too, that could be considered "trophies" I guess. I was tempted to get a green lantern ring once, just because that's too cool, but I'd rather collect money.

Not that you're a DC nut, but if you peruse through the BOTB forum, members often post their "bat caves", which are very impressive sometimes, and full of fan produced stuff you aren't likely to find on any store shelves.