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I swang by to see if there might be any news of a second comic book series spinning out of Frank Beddor's trilogy, now that his second book has been released. (No news yet, by the way.)

I happened across some very interesting posts, though, in the forum area. These all come from a discussion thread talking about Hatter M, all from people who read and enjoyed the first book enough to seek out an audience of like-minded people for discussion of it...
"I don't have the comics myself yet..."

"I don't have the books either, but I also would love to read them."

"I haven;t seen the comics yet myself..."

"I haven't been able to get Hatter M. at all."

"Anyone know where i could get a copy of the first and or 2nd comic cuz i've searched and can't seem to find them anywhere."

"I apologise if this is said in another thread. But how long have to comics been out? And how many are there? Until i found this site, i didn't know that any of these things existed!"

You get the idea. Admittedly, the book publisher -- Dial -- has no real reason/interest to promote the comic book published by someone else -- Desperado. However, author Frank Beddor himself seems to have the right idea in that the LGW web site covers all of the bases, making sure that people can buy not only his book, but also the comic and the soundtrack and ancillary t-shirts and such. Of course, he does himself something of a disservice by listing the comics his store under the category "hats."

My point, though, is that people actively looking for the comic are having trouble finding it. Someone eventually chimed in, pointing to Mile High Comics and someone else pointed to eBay. Both of which seem obvious enough, but think about this: if these folks didn't even know to look for a comic book category on eBay, or know to search for "comic book shop" on Google, what does that say about the knowledge about the industry for folks outside of it?

Just an observation.
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