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One of the things I've mentioned before that I've been trying to study/understand is the notion of comic book fandom. I've also noted that there hasn't been much written about it, so I've been looking at Sci-Fi fandom in my research as well. Well, a curious thing happened recently...

I've been watching the new* episodes of Doctor Who -- The Wife and I both actually enjoy them quite a bit. But one of the things that has mentioned repeatedly in the story is this so-called Time War which evidently happened between the last TV movie and this new series. They've never said too much about it, and they seem to be leaving it open as this mysterious part of the Doctor's past. It leaves a lot up to the imagination of viewers and, more than likely, probably rightly so. It's supposed to be such a huge event in the Doctor's life that it would almost impossible to portray that on screen.

Now, what that does, naturally, is get my mind wandering about what this Time War could possibly be. And somewhere it gets into my head that -- while I couldn't film an entire TV show or movie about it, I could probably put something together to make a 2-3 minute trailer for it. Still leaves a lot to the imagination, but it would satisfy my need to see the Time War story. So I've started working on that in some of my free time.

What does this have to do with comic fandom?

Well, nothing directly. But it's fascinating to me how I've gotten this impulse to spend a lot of energy on a project that will do nothing but satisfy my own, selfish, creationist desires. It seems to me that something like that must translate to comics as well, giving rising to comic book fan fiction and art and such. It's all just a matter of being able to remove oneself from... oneself to be able to analyze what the heck is going on in one's own fevered brain!

* Well, I say "new" but they're only new to us here in the United States. Over in Great Britain, they've moved on to an even newer Doctor already.
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