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I'm generally not very partial to bouts of nostalgia, but I'll asmit to one set of stories from my youth that I get nostalgic for from time to time... Battle of the Planets.

It was a Japanese cartoon called Gatchaman that had been ported over to the U.S. and repackaged for American audiences. As a youth, I had no idea of the show's origins, nor did I fully understand that 7-Sark-7 sequences were newly developed by the American packager specifically to try to capture upon the recent popularity of R2-D2. I did recognize, at least, that the sequences did seem to have a somewhat differnt style of animation that didn't quite fit with the rest of the show, but I gave it little thought beyond that.

Now a few years ago, the series re-gained some of its American popularity in no small part thanks to Alex Ross, who helped launch it as a comic book series. DVDs of the original shows came out as well, and I bought many of the comics and one set of DVDs. I've looked up some of the history behind the show as well, and how the violence was toned down for American children.

What does this have to do with comics specifically? Well, I was going through my collection today, cataloging various issues and came across some of the BotP comics. And for no reason other than nostalgia, I pulled out the DVDs again and am sitting here watching them and remembering how much fun I had watching this stuff on Saturday mornings as a kid.
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