Ambilvence Towards Marvel

By | Tuesday, May 09, 2006 Leave a Comment
You know, for many years, I've been a fan of Marvel comics. They've got some really great characters, and have done some really great stories over the years. A lot of stuff that I could really get excited about. Even today, they're putting out some really good material and some of the Marvel books are the ones I most look forward to each month.

But, for as much as I enjoy their books and think they're generally doing some good work, there's enough there that I think is really lousy. I'm not talking about just a bad story here or there, or even a bad series. But sometimes, there are some policies that just make me really irritated at them.

I don't have anything in particular that's bugging me with them at the moment. In point of fact, I was talking with reprint editor Cory Sedlmeier recently and he's got some really groovy plans for the upcoming tenth Fantastic Four Masterworks. But, I've been around long enough to see that not all their plans really seem that well intentioned.

Hmmm, guess blogging when I'm in an "off" mood isn't always the best idea. I don't have any real complaints and I'm trying to complain anyway. Maybe I'll just go to bed.
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