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Okay, I've officially been won over by Nextwave. I'm not a huge Warren Ellis fan and, while I definitely enjoy Stuart Immonen's art, it's not enough to win me over to a book by itself. But I'd heard good things about Nextwave and gave it a shot for a few issues to see how I'd like it. There was always JUST enough to bring me back for the next issue, but not quite enough for me to really commit to it long-term. But there was enough in #5 to really sell the book to me. To wit...

"I swear to God, nowhere on Earth do they talk like you, Tabby."

"My generic set of special super hero abilities includes a broader scale of vision."

"Moo hoo ha ha."

"Ha. Fear my robot head."

"Aaron, help them. "

"Schrodinger's death!"

Plus, we get flashbacks to some slightly twisted versions of the Avengers and X-Force, the death of "Special Bear" and a Celestial doing the "L for Loser" sign on his forehead. Great stuff all around.

Go get yourself a copy today!
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