Girls' Love Stories

By | Tuesday, May 16, 2006 2 comments
You know, I'm almost of the opinion that if you can't find something online, then it doesn't exist. Of course, one of my latest searches puts that to the test.

I was given, some time back, a coverless copy of Girls' Love Stories. I know it's Girls' Love Stories because the title is printed on the top of each and every page throughout the book. The issue seems pretty unremarkable in most respects -- the stories are your typical 1950s comic book romances, the art is serviceable but largely not noteworthy, there's some interesting coloring in places but that's offset by the lousy printing job that was done.

But like many books of the time, the indicia was printed on the inside cover, which -- as I said -- is missing. That leaves me with a book that I can't effectively catalog in my collection database.

I've done some research on the title and did note that at least one of the stories' titles showed up on the cover of each issue. So, theoretically, all I should need to do is find an image of a cover with one of the stories' titles on it, and I'll know what issue I have. I've gone through every cover image I can find online -- at the Grand Comic Book Database, Mile High Comics, Lone Star Comics, eBay... -- and none of the covers I've found match any of the titles of the stories in my book!

So let me put this out there: does anyone know what issue of Girls' Love Stories features "Girl in the Shadows", "Never Say Good-Bye", "Legacy of Love", "Two Loves Have I" (which seems to have been reprinted multiple times) and/or "Take a Letter Sweetheart" on the cover? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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That appears to have been issue number 2.

Thanks, Patrick! It looks like none of the GCDB info was in place when I first posted this, and I've never gone back to check if it ever got updated! Thanks very much!