There Was One Time When I Was Almost a Superhero

By | Thursday, November 16, 2023 Leave a Comment
Over the years, I've made various attempts to monetize my comics related work. They've all failed miserably, I think, primarily because I have no audience to speak of. I was accidentally reminded of one of my efforts to create a series of shirts that played off various superhero origin stories in a comedic manner. They all placed the wearer in the role of Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Donald Blake, or Bruce Banner experiencing the same origin that they did... but with decidedly less dramatic results. I thought they were clever and fun, but I don't think I sold a single one so I eventually dropped the store.

Or so I thought.

Apparently, I just deleted the links to it, but never actually closed the shop. The CafePress store I created for them is still open and running, well over a decade later! I still have sold literally none of them but I am kind of amused that they're still out there if anyone happens to be interested. 😆
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