Super-Villain Team-Up: Doom and Kissinger

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From Rolling Stone's obituary of Henry Kissinger...
The Yale University historian Greg Grandin, author of the biography Kissinger’s Shadow, estimates that Kissinger’s actions from 1969 through 1976, a period of eight brief years when Kissinger made Richard Nixon’s and then Gerald Ford’s foreign policy as national security adviser and secretary of state, meant the end of between three and four million people. That includes “crimes of commission,” he explained, as in Cambodia and Chile, and omission, like greenlighting Indonesia’s bloodshed in East Timor; Pakistan’s bloodshed in Bangladesh; and the inauguration of an American tradition of using and then abandoning the Kurds.
And while the fact that Kissinger's Shadow was first published in 2015 might suggest to you that the number of deaths Kissinger was responsible for is only known now at the end of his life, let me draw your attention to these panels from Super-Villain Team-Up #6 circa 1976...
Kissinger was seen as a villain AT THE TIME HE WAS DESTROYING ENTIRE CULTURES -- that's why it was not a particular surprise that a writer would have him team up with the ultimate Marvel villain: Dr. Doom. That's why Marvel, as a company, didn't have any problem publishing the story. That's why fans didn't take exception to it and just said, "Of course he'd team up with Dr. Doom if Doom were real!"

If you see any of the literally thousands and thousands of people celebrating Kissinger's far-later-that-it-should-have-been death, they have good reason. He's been the stuff of literal comic book villainy for decades and the millions of people he killed should have outlived the bastard.
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