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By | Wednesday, November 15, 2023 Leave a Comment
So the "news" in comics yesterday was that Amazon announced that the standalone Comixology app will be going away and the only way to read comics through their platform will be on the Kindle app. Heidi MacDonald has a more complete write-up here if you're interested, but I wouldn't bother. Not that there's anything wrong with the piece, but Heidi is incredibly optimisitic (she even says, "I realize that I’m stressing the positive in this piece") and the best silver-lining spin she can put on the whole thing is: "And there’s some good news: Comixology as a brand is not ending."

I figure that if someone who knows what they're doing, and is incredibly familiar with not only comics generally but many of the specific people involved, and they're openly trying to put as positive a spin on the news as they can, and they best they can come up with is that they're still keeping the logo... just shut the whole thing down. Comixology has been a shell of its former self since Amazon bought them in 2014. I'm sure there are people who still use it, but definitely not at the level there used to be.

Pick a social media platform, search for "Comixology" and read the comments. Nobody's even mad. Everyone is either confused because they thought Comixology closed down entirely years ago, or they're just shrugging their shoulders and lamenting what could've been. Do you know the level of effort you have to put in to get people to not care like that? They've actively made the app harder to use, literally impossible to purchase though, and less functional. Plus they've had any number of "glitches" where parts of people's collections just... disappear. There are complaints about that even now, although people don't seem espeically upset by them because they never used the app any more anyway.

I don't believe it was ever disclosed how much Amazon paid for Comixology, but I don't see how it can be worth even half of that now. Probably closer to a quarter of that price when you factor in inflation. So if the news is that the Comixology app is going away and no one cares, is it worth even holding on to that brand?
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