Black Friday Comics

By | Friday, November 25, 2022 Leave a Comment
I'm surprised more newspaper cartooninsts don't make references in their strips to holidays and broad events like that. They're created far enough in advance that they can't really refer to the news of the day since it'll be the news of last month by the time they run, but there are a lot of events on the calendar and can be used to make the strip seem current and topical even if it isn't. Plus, it can offer a springboard for jokes, so they don't have to start from absolutely nothing. Every artist draws inspiration from different sources and in different ways, of course, but I would think having an ongoing calendar of predicatable events would be invaluable for someone trying to do a gag-a-day cartoon in the newspaper.

But here we are in 2022, on the day after Thanksgiving, and I can only find a handful of newspaper strips that reference Black Friday at all. I did see a few othes that referenced it being the day after Thanksgiving by mentioning leftovers or a turkey that managed to survive, and even a couple about Christmas shopping generally but those seemed focused on the Christmas side of things rather than the express notion of shopping ON Black Friday specifically.
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