Comic Con Means... Assistant Editors' Month!

By | Thursday, July 21, 2022 Leave a Comment
Back in 1983, Marvel sent all of its editors off to San Diego for Comic Con International, leaving the House That Jack Built to be run by the assistant editors. An event was made out of it, and the result was the infamous "Assistant Editors' Month" for the books cover-dated January 1984. Many of the comics Marvel put out (which I don't believe included limited series) were treated to random acts of silliness -- some books showcased new corner box illustrations (Dazzler), some had wacky stories (Marvel Team-Up), some just added some bizarre filler at the end of an otherwise normal issue (Indiana Jones). But in honor of today being Comic Con firing up again after a couple years off, I'm presenting the covers from the Assistant Editors' Month comics (only some of which advertised their wackiness with a cover blurb)...
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