Spanish/English Comics

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I've been trying some information on these comics for years, but have continually come up blank. I have three comics from King Features, I believe from 1974. They feature Beto el Recluta (Beetle Baily), Lalo y Lola (Hi & Lois) and Lorenzo y Pepita (Dagwood & Blondie). They all feature pretty standard comics about the characters, but the first half of each book is entirely in Spanish. The second half reprints the same artwork, but this time with English dialogue. There's some intro text about helping people to learn either language, and some word-match type puzzles as well. The comics have no real indicia to note any details about publication data or what other comics may have been in the series. There's no price listed either, suggesting they might have been purchased in larger quantities exclusively by schools. I've seen them sometimes listed for sale but never with any substantive info about their origins, and the Grand Comics Database doesn't seem to list them at all.
Does anyone have any information about these?
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