Why Kirby Is King

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The other day, Joe Field tweeted a snippet from the 1987 Comics Buyer’s Guide Holiday supplement, in which a number of comic creators were asked their gift-giving advice. I wanted to pass along what Jack Kirby had to say...
Please accept my thanks and good wishes for requesting my thoughts and suggestion in reference to this coming time of year.
  1. I'd recommend a set of encyclopedias for young people of all categories to gain needed facts.
  2. Subscriptions to magazines and periodicals that your friends and family will enjoy.
  3. Reflect the spirit of the holiday.
  4. Don't reject humor and song.
  5. Remain confident in your individual skills.
The gift I would seek for myself would be continuing good health for my family and myself and the rest of humankind. Allow this spirit to bless us all.
I know it's July and about as far away from the holiday season as you can get, particularly with a heatwave ravaging a good chunk of the planet. But I want to call this out because, as much as Kirby is remembered for being an incredible force in comics and an insanely talented creative spirit and storyteller, he was also just a damn fine human being.

That is why Kirby is king.
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Matt K said...

Yes but they still should have made Bill Everett "King of the Comics" :D

It always delights me that this nickname reportedly made Kirby laugh heartily every time.