Two Geeks Talking

By | Friday, July 16, 2021 Leave a Comment
I recently spoke with Kurt Sasso of Two Geeks Talking about my Webcomics book. We had a great chat, and he asked a lot of good questions. As I've said in many places before, I hope that my book and whatever discussion it generates helps to get people talking about webcomics more broadly. There's a lot of fantastic work being done, and it really needs to be discussed more, separate from the discussions of such-and-such print creator is doing a webcomic now or such-and-such webcomic got picked up by a print publisher.

While Kurt's questions were interesting and speak to the content of Webcomics, I was also particularly appreciative of some of his final questions which spoke more to me as a creator. I was especially struck by his asking if I thought I was successful. Particularly in light of Webcomics being nominated for an Eisner this year, it's hard to argue I'm not, even though I generally don't feel successful per se. It's something I've been reflecting on a fair amount since he asked. How I can objectively be defined as having success, but not internalizing that at any level. I think I'll be noodling on that for a while longer yet.

In any event, take a listen. Hopefully, you learn a few things and, even more hopefully, it will help encourage more people to talk about webcomics! And Webcomics! 😀
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