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While trolling through ebay (an immeasurable source of research for blog post ideas) I came across the original art for a comic strip called The Connoisseur...
Knowing that the strip was so obscure, no one would bother with it without some additional information, the seller provides this description of the comic:
This auction is for one original art newspaper daily titled The Connoisseur which ran in papers from August 29 1927 until December 8 1928. The strip features Mr. Van Der View who has an obsession with clothes and fashion - especially ladies fashion. The strips would have verse below each panel. The work has been attributed to Alex Kurfiss...
Digging around a little more, I found... almost nothing. My copy of American Newspaper Comics: A Encyclopedic Reference Guide does have entry for the strip, but it reads, in its entirety...
Connoisseur, The
Daily strip. Running dates: Nov 21 1927 - Dec 8 1928. Syndicate: Bell Syndicate/Standard Publishing. Notes: No creators were credited on the strip. Sources: Philadelphia Evening Ledger microfilm.
I had better luck online, but the only references I can find are this post from Allan Hotz who came across another piece of original art from the same seller a year ago, and this follow-up post with a biography of presumed artist Alex Kurfiss.
I don't really have anything to add to either of those posts other than to reiterate Hotz's notion that this is just a bizarre, little comic and it's hardly a wonder that it scarcely lasted a year.
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Re Kurfiss - Virginia - sister of Alex Kurfiss. According to the bio in the Vassar winter newsletter Virginia Kurfiss was the artist of the Connoisseur