On -isms: NYCC

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New York Comic-Con starts today, and what I wanted to do is highlight some creators/publishers who will be there, and are worth your time and attention because they're making great comics that are NOT about cishetero white guys. Check out (in no particular order) these fine folks...

Blades of Hope, Booth 1062
I've read some previews of their book with some very strong female leads with an international flavor. They're debuting their first book here, and I'm really disappointed I won't be able to pick one up right away.

Northwest Press, Booth 1483
Publishers behind a lot LGBTQ-themed comics, they're probably most known for the Ignatz Award winning QU33R by Rob Kirby. I'm personally more partial to Leia Weathington's The Legend of Bold Riley.

A Piggy's Tale, Booth 143
Tod Emko and Ethan Young's comic about a three-legged dog named Piggy, who may in fact be in attendance at the show as well. Young is also the creator behing Nanjing: The Burning City, which has garnered a lot of praise recently, including from me!

Afrofuturefest, Booth 2444
This is kind of a collective booth to celebrate Black creators. On hand will be Erika Alexander and Tony Puryear (Concrete Park), Afua Richardson (Captain Marvel, Genius), and Chuck Collins (BOUNCE!). I was super impressed with both Concrete Park and Genius -- this would be a great opportunity to check both out!

And... Action! Entertainment, Booth 972
This is primarily about TV director Eric Dean Seaton, but he's also recently come out with a graphic novel series called Legend of the Mantamaji which sounds intriguing.

Xmoor Studios, Booth 948
I've been looking to pick up a copy of Ajala in print for a little while now.

Jamal Igle, Booth 3044
I'm really looking forward to reading his Molly Danger book, which I backed when it was on Kickstarter.

Brooke A. Allen & Shannon Watters, Artists Alley AA9
You're not reading Lumberjanes?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of great non-cishetero-white-guy creators that will be at the show, much less great creators that are worth checking out. But, these are some of the ones that I personally would be most interested in and feel should get much greater notice. So stop by these booths and see if their work excites you. I think there's some really fantastic comics in that list and would highly recommend pretty much all of them! You can either help me out by picking some of these books up and supporting these creators, or piss me off by picking these books up and flaunting that I won't be at NYCC to do so myself. I think it's a win-win for the creators, and win-win for you whether you like me or not!
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